WHY PAPILLON? It’s as simple as 1-2-3-4-5!

  1. We are respected throughout our industry for having the highest standards of professionalism, and offer the most competitive rates for the level of service we provide.

  2. When you deal with our office, you will have the comfort of dealing with a native English speaker (an “Ameri-Canadian” who also understands things from your cultural point of view).

  3. Our service features private groups, vehicles of 8 passengers or less, and highly trained drivers who really care. Put it together and what have you got?


Our “no worries” refund policy:

You can cancel without penalty up to 14 days prior to your tour and you will never be held responsible for itinerary changes or weather conditions that cause your ship to not arrive in port as scheduled.


Our “never miss the boat” guarantee:

In all our years in business, we have never caused a client to miss the boat!

In the extremely unlikely event you are returned late to port due to a mistake of ours, we will arrange and pay for your accommodations, meals and transportation to your ship's next port of call.



wasted time


Our vehicles can drive around and park inside the historical centers where tour buses cannot enter, dropping you off at the doorstep of what you want to see and do.

Your driver will go at your pace, according to what you want to see and do. Try to get THAT with a giant bus tour!

Did you know that it takes 20 minutes to walk from the tour bus parking areas in Florence and Pisa to the centres? We can add at least 40 minutes to your tour day!

Our average price with a group of 8 passengers is 70 Euro per person.

The same tour with the cruise line? Around $135 per person.

Our vehicle and driver are always at your disposal, even while you are out exploring on foot. Any time anyone needs assistance we are there.

Certain things you want to do? Last minute wild hairs? We will give our all to accommodate your special requests, in advance or on the fly.

Did you know that with a bus tour you're obligated to stay with the group no matter what? With private service, you can skip what doesn't interest you.

But wait... with the cruise line tour there can be 50 people!

With our service it's just your party and your tour.

Hate being bashed about by crowds? Don't do so well in the heat? Moving slower than you once did? Our service resolves it all.

Want to do something completely off the beaten path? Our speciality is tailor made tours. If one of our classic tours isn't the right fit, let us create a custom tour just for you.

Our driver-guides are expert at making it all fit. We will sort out the scheduling, keep our eye on the clock and keep you on track so you get the most out of your day.

Lower cost. Higher service.

THAT’S maximum value !


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