Excursions from the ports of Villefranche (Nice) and Monaco

From the ports of Villefranche and Monaco we offer a variety of excursions with reasonable driving times to a great number of fabulous places — Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monte Carlo, Èze, Peille, St. Paul de Vence, Sainte-Agnès, Villa Rothschild and St. Jean Cap Ferrat, to name the most requested destinations.

THE SEA in this part of the French Riviera is especially brilliant, as if some sort of magic makes its color more luminous than anywhere else. Lovers of the seaside will want to consider Cannes, Antibes & Nice, where you will also get a nice set of esthetic contrasts in addition to being by the sea.

For MEDIEVAL PLACES we can go in two directions, both of which will take you up into the mountainous regions along the coast.

  • From Villefranche we recommend Èze, Nice & St. Paul de Vence. This tour gives you two sweet Medieval places plus the groovy eclecticism of Nice. We can also include a brief panoramic look at Monaco, stopping in Monte Carlo to get a few shots of the Old Casino.
  • From Monaco we can conveniently reach Èze, Peille & Sainte-Agnès (as long as winding mountain roads don’t bother you). WWII buffs will want to check out Sainte-Agnès.

For HISTORIC DWELLINGS and FORMAL GARDENS it’s hard to beat Villa Rothschild & St. Jean Cap Ferrat. This is also a good choice for a shorter (6 hour) touring day.

Keep in mind that we specialize in customized service, so if you have something in mind and don’t see it listed please contact us.