The “Godfather” villages & Taormina from Messina with private guide

The “Godfather” villages, Savoca and Forza d’Agrò, are two pretty Medieval hamlets set high in the hills near the coast. This excursion balances their small-town charm with the sophistication and history of Taormina.


Travel times are quite reasonable, about 2.5 hours in total.

DETAILS: THE “GODFATHER” VILLAGES & TAORMINA with private guide all day, from the port of Messina

In Sicily we are able to offer an exceptional level of service for a moderate price. Here you can have both a driver AND a private guide for not a whole lot more than our standard driver-guide service. It's great because the guide can accompany you when you leave the vehicle, which makes visiting places a richer experience.

Whether you are a fan of The Godfather movies or not, you will be charmed by the villages on our private shore excursion from the port of Messina.

On a rocky hilltop, amidst vineyards and groves of citrus and olives, emerges the Medieval hamlet of Savoca. Known to tourists as one of the two locations where Francis Ford Coppola shot scenes for The Godfather, Savoca is reputed amongst Italians as one of the loveliest villages in the country.

Here time seems to have stood still. Enjoy the almost mystic silence, lush wooded territory and views of the Gulf of Taormina, or visit some of the locations made famous by Coppola's capolavoro.

Forza d’Agrò
When you stroll its narrow, stone-paved streets (not passable by cars) you will understand why Coppola chose Forza d’Agrò as a filming location. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and fascinating old churches, or climb the winding streets to the ruins of the Norman castle that dominates the village.

Perched high on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, Taormina is a beautiful place with a great story to tell. It was inhabited prior to the the arrival of the Ancient Greeks, who established Taormina as one their earliest colonies in Sicily. Today you can still touch this part of Taormina's past by visiting the Greek Theatre, which is in excellent condition and offers stunning views of the brilliant blue Ionian Sea with Mt. Etna beyond. (If history and scenery aren't your thing there are lots of shops and restaurants to explore.)

Over the millennia, as in so many parts of Sicily, Taormina has been influenced by many diverse peoples and cultures -- everything from the Moors to the Normans to the Crown of Aragon to the Bourbons -- which can still be seen in its architecture. Its prosperity has endured throughout the various eras, evidenced today by the elegance and size of its cathedral and many of its buildings.

By the end of the 19th century Taormina had become a haven for artists, writers and intellectuals, attracting such notable visitors as Oscar Wilde, Richard Wagner and Tsar Nicholas II. Today the town is host to a variety of arts festivals encompassing film, music, dance and theatre.

THE “GODFATHER” VILLAGES & TAORMINA with private guide all day, from the port of Messina

DURATION: 8-9 hrs

The rates include vehicle & driver PLUS the private guide all day.

Because we need to leave a spot in the van for the guide, the maximum number of passengers in a minivan is 7. Groups of 8 will require a larger vehicle and a supplement of 120 Euro applies.

1-2 persons € 680

3-4 persons € 720

5-6 persons € 760

7-8 persons € 800

These rates apply if you pay in CASH IN EURO. That's 10% off our full (credit card) rates!

The rates stated are the TOTAL (not per person).

For multi-booking, off-season, and family rates, please contact us.

If you book with less than 72 hours of lead time a 50€ supplement applies.

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